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No Rest For The Wicked

Gavin Atlas
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This is my semi-anonymous blog (moved from blogger.com) for my erotica-writing persona, Gavin Atlas. Here I mostly write about my stories, my attempts at publishing, and my struggles to find the right phrase. I've been published by several publishers including Lethe Press (two collections The Boy Can't Help It</l> and The Full Ride, now only available in Audio), eXcessica Publishing (an e-novella titled Slave to Shadows and short stories titled" La Playita" and "Love and Rockets"), Ravenous Romance (in an anthology called How the West Was Done) and Circlet Press, (an e-anthology titled Wired Hard 4</l>. I've also been included in print anthologies from Alyson Books, Bold Strokes, and Cleis Press. (Hard Hats, Island Boys, Ultimate Gay Erotica 2009, Surfer Boys, and several others others.)

Also, I'm a good guy.